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There is a WIND ADVISORY in effect!


There is a WIND ADVISORY in effect!

By Betty Lockhart

EMERGENCY alert:  Severe

National Weather Service: A WIND ADVISORY is in effect in your area until 2:28. Joel 2:28 “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. 

This is a God saving and delivering power (blowing forth from heaven) situation. Stay Low, Stay Low in the Glory.

Rauch! Rauch! Rauch! is my name, says the Spirit of God!

I am sending the wind of my Spirit to divide the water that will bring a great deliverance in your life.

The Spirit of the Lord is releasing a fresh wind upon your life. He is releasing the High Winds, the four winds of breath that will bring change.  The wind of change is starting to blow in a major way and the four winds of God will stir a prophecy of prosperity.

Ruach is bringing dead, dry, and scattered things to life.

Rauch will blow in your favour.

Rauch will form an army,

 (Eze. 37) and there’s no bones about it.

Get ready for an encounter with Ruach.

Get ready for the four winds of breath to breathe on you.

Get ready for oneness!

You are going to feel it in your bones.

Get ready for the answer is blowing in the wind.

Get ready for mind blowing, jaw dropping miracles.

Stay Low, Stay Low in the Glory!


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