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Paralyzing The Strong Man


Paralyzing The Strong Man

On June 2012, I had a dream that I was standing near the edge of a creek and wanted to cross it.  There were snakes in the creek and they were blocking me from crossing. As I looked down at the snakes.  I head the Spirit of the Lord say, "which snakes are poisonous and which ones are not".  I said, "I don't know, Lord", but I am going to treat them ALL the same!  So, I reached down into the water and grabbed one by the back of it's neck.  The way I grabed the snake's neck, it became paralysed and I took my other hand and lift up his tail and I lifted the paralized snake up high over my head and as I did the other snakes made way for me to cross the creek. I walked throught the creek to the other side. When I reached the other side of the creek, I put the snake back into the water. 

When I woke up that morning. I thought to myself, Wow!  What a dream.

Then the Spirit of the Lord led me to pick up one of my prayer books that was sitting on my night stand.  I opened it and it fell open to page 198.  The title of the page was "Paralyzing The Strong Man"  it says, the Strong man is the principle or controlling demon over a family, place, person or thing. A strong man is the controller of a group of spirits or the chief over a group of spirits, what the Bible calls "rulers of darkness of this world".

For our struggles is not against flesh and blood (contending only with physical opponents), but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this (present) darkness against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) places.  (Ephesians 6:12, AMP) 

He acts as the prison warden of the devil, confiscating the blessings of people. He is the wicked rulers over every nation, town and family. 

The Lord has given us (his people) weapons to fight the strong man.  You are POWERFUL! 

"He who is in you is greater then he (Satan) who is in the world (of sinful mankind)".  (1John 4:4, AMP) 


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