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He is protection from the storm and rain. Isaiah 4:6


     There is power in a testimony. Rev 12:11

     On September 2012, My daughter and I took Dominick and his friend to the Air show in Front Royal.  While we were watching the air show, a storm was brewing, the sky became very dark.  The airport cancelled the Air show.  As we were leaving to get in the line for the shuttle bus to take us to the parking lot. The clouds were rolling in fast and the storm appeared to be dangerous.

     I was concerned that we would not make it to the car before it would start to rain. The wind began to pick up.  As I looked at the dark storm clouds, I asked the Lord to hold the rain storm until we got to the car safely.  As I looked up again at the clouds.  I saw a large hand holding the clouds back in the sky. I looked at my daughter and told her we will make it to the car in time before it will rain.

     Once we got off the bus and walked to the car, we put the boys in their car seats. I was the last one getting into the car.  I felt a few rain drops and when I shut the car door it poured like buckets. (this reminded me of God shutting the door on the Ark) People were running to their cars and they were drenched in seconds.

     We were so thankful that the Lord held the rain storm back for us.  He is our shelter in the rain storm. Praises to the KING of KINGS!  

The Power in a testimony is never-ending!  Amen!

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